Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Facemoods for Mac and PC

Hey Guys!

Spice up your chat with cool emoticons, smileys and much much more.
check out our unique smileys
and stay tuned for exclusive content, coming soon...

Well, yes, like many others, we too love social networks and we use it all the time to share, communicate and chat with our friends.

That is how Facemoods came to life... We just thought that it would be cool to enhance our chat experience with cool and fun smileys and emoticons.
We are working (and playing) at full force to bring you (and us) Fun and exciting content that will enrich your chat experience and allow you to better express yourself.

Great news to all Firefox users ( that includes us)
we now have an official facemoods firefox add-on, just go to
and look up facemoods.
A special thanks goes to Mike :-)
This add-on will work also for Mac users with firefox, so welcome to facemoods.

Bagi para pengguna Mac jangan kecewa dulu karena Facebook juga menyediakan aplikasi Facemoods untuk Mac >>> silahkan klik https://addons.mozilla.org
Cara pakai facemoods, setelah diinstal, Firefox nya jangan lupa di restart dulu yach.... Letak emoticonnya ada dsebelah kiri chat, diklik ajah nti juga muncul aneka emoticonnya. Jadi selamat mencoba facebookers..... :)

Klo kalian ada yang menggunakan PC
bisa klik disini >> http://www.facebook.com/facemoods

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